New Plymouth District Council

Some Metal Art installations in and around New Plymouth


New Plymouth Eco pods   New Plymouth Eco pods1   Civic bollards NPDC
The council placed a number of recycled plastic Eco Pods outside Westend School, while Civic bollards aid pedestrian flow and safety around the New Plymouth CBD.

OC Waitara boardwalk before   OC Waitara boardwalk during   OC Waitara boardwalk after
This series of images shows an old timber boardwalk in Waitara being replaced by a new Enduroplank™ structure, made from recycled plastic to help the environment and to last for many decades to come.  

Waitara Boardwalk    Waitara Boardwalk    Waitara Boardwalk
And here is the final result. Shots taken of Waitara's new 
Enduroplank™ boardwalk on the day of its official opening. 

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