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Aquacart Portable Mobile Water Dispenser
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Aquacart Portable Mobile Water Dispenser

Aquacart Portable mobile water dispenser

The Aquacart® dispenses water at mains tap pressure via its 12v Aquapump, so there are no power cords to worry about. The Aquacart® is stylishly designed, strong, durable and UV stabilised. With 100 litre capacity, 3 wheels and a 12 volt Aquapower battery used in conjunction with the Aquacharger suppied, the portable and mobile Aquacart® is a practical and versatile solution to water needs in any situation.  .

The Aquacart® is ideal for many uses and applications including:

- Domestic cleaning and washing
- Commercial cleaning at public events and sporting venues
- Automotive and boat washing
- Watering gardens or commercial indoor plantscaping
- Recreational and camping adventures to clean, shower or dispense drinks
- On building sites, rural properties or isolated areas where there is no access to water or a tap
- For sporting clubs to dispense drinks without having to carry around large barrels

The Aquacart® can be wheeled around with total mobility and portability, or it can be carried by vehicle depending on need and application.  A high pressure washer can even be connected to the Aquacart®.

The Aquacart® Owner's Manual

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