George Longstaff

George Longstaff
Metal Art’s founder had gathered a wealth of experience in the manufacture of metal products prior to establishing the business.  Serving his time at tubular furniture and light fitting manufacturer McLaren & Cater, which later became Forgecraft, George rose to the position of managing director during his 26 years with the company.
On returning to Lower Hutt after a 12 month family sojourn in Queensland, George was approached to fill a gap in the New Zealand metal fabrication industry, and opened the Metal Art doors in 1990. The business expanded two years later with the addition of its powder coating facility. After working for others for so long, George could now apply his own business methods and philosophy – delivery of products manufactured with precision and a commitment to quality at every stage of the process.     
In the early days of Metal Art George was heavily involved in sales and marketing, and his loyal architectural furniture customers still come to him when they need a solution. With his sharp eye for getting best value, George controls the business’s material purchasing and one-off design services.  His best days however are those when he can get out of the office and onto the factory floor, working with and mentoring his staff. 
George has always liked getting out on his boat and going fishing and diving. He also enjoys helping Glenys in the garden, and spending time with his family, including six grandchildren. But he still lists working as one of his main interests. That’s a measure of the importance George places on providing satisfaction to all who deal with Metal Art -customers, staff, suppliers and the community in general.  

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