Memorial FAQ

What do you mean by 'Memorial Seating'?
This is the general term applied to public or private furniture installations that recognise, by plaque or artwork, individuals or groups of people who are deceased. Its most common use is in the form of park seats installed in a place of personal or community significance, by arrangement with the local authority. It can also apply to what we call Commemorative Seating (refer below).

How do we choose a style of memorial furniture?
Talk to us about the style of furniture you prefer and where you would like to see it installed. We will provide some general guidance on suitability of materials and design. Councils have their own style guidelines in many cases, and the final decision on style will be subject to local government or landowner approval.

How do we get approval for a memorial seat or table setting in a public place?
Talk to the landowner, usually the local council, about their requirements and guidelines. But feel free to contact us first, as we are likely to have experience of dealing with your council on street and park furniture matters. We should be able to refer you to the right people and advise you regarding any questions they may have.

Who pays for our memorial seat?
You do. Generally, councils welcome offers to supply additional park furniture within the limits of their local policies. They may assist with installation costs, so that’s a question you need to ask in the discussion stage. Once you have agreed with the council on supplying a memorial seat, we will be asked for a price (usually by the council). We will include in our quote any costs associated with plaque supply & attachment, and/or any routed artwork.

How do we order a memorial seat or table setting?
Once the council or other landowner gives approval to proceed and you commit to the purchase, they will in most cases deal directly with us on the seat’s manufacture. Your dealings are mainly with the council, who will in most cases bill you for the piece of furniture and in turn pay our account which we render to them directly. The council will ask you to supply the engraved plaque and/or your artwork design, for which you will account directly to the provider. Any variation on this will be discussed at an early stage in the process.

Where do we get a memorial plaque or artwork from?
For a standard metal plaque attachment, talk to any trophy shop or engraving retailer, who can show you their selection and undertake the work required. We can provide your reverse-printed polycarbonate plaque. If you wish to engage some special routed artwork you may wish to commission a designer, or you may be able to produce it yourself. We will incorporate any routed artwork based on your design supplied in electronic file form (pdf or jpeg).

How do I get my memorial furniture installed?
In almost all circumstances, expect the council to take care of installation. If there is a cost to you, it is up to the council to advise you.

What do you mean by Commemoration Seat?
Whereas a memorial seat (or table setting) can be loosely defined as one installed in remembrance of individuals, we use the term Commemoration Seat to describe installations that mark an event or pay tribute to the actions of a body of people. Typical of our commemorative seating are the examples installed in cenotaph precincts and other places the public gathers to remember and reflect.

What do you mean by Presentation Seat?
Some of our memorial furniture, particularly the recycled plastic lines, are popular with organisations as promotional giveaways, marketing tools and novelty items. For instance a supermarket that has supplied waste plastic for manufacture may purchase a resulting product for presentation to a school. Or a fundraising competition may include among its prizes a recycled plastic seat with relevant artwork.
A category quite apart from memorials and commemorations, but a popular use for some of our special furniture lines nonetheless.

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