Recycling Plastic the Replas Way

At Metal Art we have made a commitment to apply the principals of sustainability and waste minimisation to all we do.  Innovative manufacturers are facing up to the fact that we live in a world of limited raw materials, and the need for change is as great as it has ever been. For us, turning waste plastic into functional and cost-effective items of everyday use makes sense at every level of procurement, production, supply and end use.

Replas recycled plastic products first came to New Zealand around 2005, as local government users in particular increasingly turned their attention to waste minimisation. They recognised the stimulus that plastic recycling would receive if more practical and effective uses for the material existed at the local level.

It has taken time to build acceptance of this ‘green’ alternative to traditional materials, but in recent years the momentum for the practical reuse of plastic waste has been gathering. Replas products can now be found in parks and reserves, streetscapes, car parks, tourist attractions and elsewhere throughout New Zealand.  

At its manufacturing plant in Victoria, Replas now produces over 200 robust, high quality products made from 100% recycled material, which is sourced from domestic and commercial waste streams in Australia and New Zealand. Employing recycling technology developed by its experienced R&D team and modern production methods, Replas is a world leader in the manufacture of fit-for-purpose recycled plastic products.

The manufacturing process at Replas is an efficient one, and in many cases the up-front cost of Replas products is less than that of the traditional alternatives. But that’s only part of the story. Life cycle assessments have shown conclusively that where the capital cost is slightly higher, the performance of Replas products over time makes them invariably more cost effective in the long run.

In the face of global environmental concerns, economic realism still determines that purchasing decisions must be made on rational, non-emotional grounds. Replas products fit the demand for price competitiveness. That’s apart from the environmental benefits of assigning a real value to waste products, diverting them from landfills and extending the use of one of Mother Earth’s finite resources. 

Replas Product Properties

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