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December 2013 - The redeveloped McKenzie Baths, and some flash new cafe furniture

November 2013 - Enduroplank used on Auckland walkway extension, and examples of production versatility

October 2013 - Out with the old timber and in with recycled plastic, Transit litter recycling stations, speedhumps etc.

September 2013 - Living Walls from Just Plants, and the new Coral Seat 

July 2013 - The Limbo Glow and other new lines, plus the tried and tested Karaka range of pots 

June 2013 - The trend towards recycled plastic, customised shop fittings, and beating the weather

April 2013 - New lines in street and park furniture, Replas - the wheel stops of choice

March 2013 - Karaka pots at Auckland War Memorial Museum, new from Lechuza

February 2013 - Recycled plastic takes the heat, and Edge Definition furniture on the waterfront

December 2012 - Our contribution to further recognition of the New Zealand Wars, and Season's Greeting!

November 2012 - Enduroplank underground, new Paramount tilt bins and ash receptacles

September 2012 - Working with Ambius, modified car park wheel stops, more litter bins - this time for BP

August 2012 - Living walls, the latest in office partitions, new bins for Lotto shops & casual furniture with a difference

July 2012 - Corporate collaboration towards environmental sustainability, and a colourful story from South Taranaki

May 2012 - Using recycled plastic in the harsh marine environment, and cafe furniture that closes the recycling loop.

March 2012 - Time capsules and high quality bollards - where stainless steel shines through.

February 2012 - Major hotel fitout, classy furniture using classy components, litter bins for every need, and more.

December 2011 - The Great Harbour Way, a regional recreation initiative, and a merry Christmas to all.

November 2011 - National park seating, recycled plastic signage, and some fresh new furniture ideas.

October 2011 - The new Container Connection product range, and some innovative planter use.

September 2011 - Recycling bins and stunning planters on the waterfront. Beach accessways that will last, and last.

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