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Auckland Council

Our products purchased & installed by Auckland Council


125mm Bollards Takaanini Reserve South Auckland        Civic Bins, Manukau Memorial Gardens        Corban Reserve Dog Agility park opening day        CorbanReserve Dog Agility Park
Replas 125mm recycled plastic bollards were installed at Takaanini Reserve as a viable alternative to traditional timber posts. Also in South Auckland, a number of Civic litter bins were placed around Manukau Memorial Gardens, with provision for recyclable and general rubbish.

Dog jumping thru circle1   Corban Reserve Dog Agility Park1   Dogs at Corban Reserve agility park
Meanwhile across town in Henderson, there's a lot of fun being had at the Replas-made Dog Agility Course on Corban Reserve.  

Shona Reserve deck before   Shona Reserve deck after   Shona Reserve Bridge Henderson
Also in Henderson, the splendid native bush in Shona Reserve creates a damp and dark environment at ground level. Track maintenance is a constant issue, as the timber bridges and boardwalks don't stand up to the conditions for long. Enduroplank™ proved the answer, as in these 'before and after' shots of a new bridge over the Opanuku Stream that winds through the reserve. 

Symonds St Cemetery red track marker   Bollard track marker Symonds St Cemetery   Symonds St Cemetery orange recycled plastic
At historic Symonds St. cemetery, recycled plastic 100 mm bollard track markers point the way around four distinctly different colour-coded walks.

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