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Urbanisation and the popularity of dog ownership mean there are more designated dog areas in local parks and reserves these days. Canine behaviour is in the public eye, and dog obedience has become a part of every owner's daily regime, even a competitive sport.

For all of these reasons, public dog agility tracks are increasingly appearing in the community. The early 
recycled-plastic examples have more than proved themselves as safe, attractive, low-maintenance and long-lasting facilities.

Replas is the brand of choice for new and replacement installations among discerning councils and dog advocacy groups. 
Using components from the Replas range, our Dog Agility Tracks are supplied to meet the design needs of your local canine enthusiast group and/or site specifics.

The various pieces of Dog Agility equipment we supply include bridges, tunnels, balance beams, hoops and hurdles, all detailed on the Replas website.

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