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ZOIE is the creation of designer Helen Kontouris, and named after the Greek word for 'living thing". It is a planter for indoor and sheltered outdoor use that offers sanctuary, receiving the sacredness of life's seeds and shoots deep within its internal housing.

Organic and maternal in concept, the ZOIE ANOUK further embraces the most vulnerable aspects of nature's cycle, within a moulded canopy that protects, nurtures and supports the most delicate foliage. The ZOIE is available in a wide range of solid colours, and in a selection of two tone colours (restrictions apply).

The ZOIE GLOW has a built-in 240 volt light fitting that illuminates its setting with natural colour (internal use only).
Model Diameter Height Grow Pot 
Zoie 5 Anouk 343mm 335mm 125mm
Zoie 8 Anouk 545mm 525mm 200mm
Zoie 10 Anouk 740mm 720mm 250mm
Zoie 8 Glow  545mm 525mm 200mm

Zoie Anouk planter brochure
Zoie Glow planter brochure

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